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     MobileXpressRx makes it easy to build and manage your online store!

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    Offer Online Shopping

    Independent pharmacies must develop an online presence to stay relevant by offering the products that their customers desire.  Our platform increases the convenience and ease that customers expect, giving pharmacies new opportunities to better serve the community.  Today’s customers want access to the products they want - anywhere and anytime.    

    Offer More Products

    We connect pharmacies with their wholesaler so that they can offer an endless array of product selection without taking inventory risk or shelf space, thus giving their customers a wide range of products that are not found in-store.  Capture online/mobile shopping by attaching our platform on your current website, Facebook page, and more.  

    Easy to Manage

    Our platform is turnkey as we manage the product images and descriptions • Fully customize your online store with your inventory and retail prices • Attach your store to your existing website or social media page • Add new sales channels in seconds •  Pharmacies fulfill orders in a single step • Designed for mobile • Accept credit cards 

    Ways to Market your Storefront

    Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

    Customers do not like waiting in line.  Major retailers are driving Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store programs and the Independent Pharmacy’s are ripe to capture this market opportunity.  Research from the Wall Street Journal shows that about 50% of all shoppers opt for in-store pickup, and 45% of those consumers purchased something else during their trip to the store. 


    Send a Text or Email

    Remind patients via text messages and/or emails of your online store. Capture more sales and loyalty by attaching a SHOP NOW link while alerting your patients that their prescription(s) are ready for pick or delivery.

    ex.:"Your prescription will be delivered tomorrow, don't forget to shop our online store for your everyday needs!  SHOP NOW"

    In-Store Shopping Experience

    Tablet kiosks and In-store shelf tags can close in-store sales even when items are out of stock.  Shoppers who visit your store leave because they can’t find what they are looking for are not just lost sales, they’re potential lost customers.  When a customer visits a store and discovers that an item is out of stock or has store has limited product offering, he or she takes their business to a competitor.  

    Promote current deals

    Running a sale or promoting a health tip.  Share your store on social media and give your customers the opportunity to shop local!  


    Get Sales During Refill Process

    Capture sales during the refill submission process.  We will work with your refill app vendor to add your shopping link.

    QR Codes

    Don't stock every brand or package size?  Let your customers know that you can order their preferred product for next day pick up or delivery.


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